Welcome to the Formula Factory!


We deliver source code written to your specifications. We particularly specialize in concurrent/multicore/embedded C code.


What makes us different?

Unlike other software shops, we deliver correct code, and stand behind that promise.


How do we do it?

We specialize in verified software - software that has been mathematically proved to meet its functional specifications.

Because it is verified, our software comes with an unconditional warranty that it meets its specifications.

We do not think that you will ever find a bug in our software, but if you do, we will fix it promptly and pay a bounty of $5000 per bug to the first discoverer.

We are the only software shop that provides such a strong guarantee.


We can also verify software written by you, or provide code review for your architecture/algorithms/software.


Who are we?

Our staff consists entirely of ex-Microsofties, who worked there as a researcher, a developer, a software architect, a test architect, and a verification architect.

It includes members of three IFIP working groups, and a former conference and program chair for VSTTE.



If you are interested in our services, please contact us at sales@verifiedSoftware.org